Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Search of $257.38

So I went on the road today - literally - to fund my desire to punch Glenn Beck in the mouth (just to give him something to cry about). Lo and behold I found that people are willing to give me money just for that purpose. What was once a simple dream to pop him one right in the pie hole has now taken new meaning. I see a day where one man can achieve the improbable, and give that bleep hole a fistful of Canuckles right to the kisser! (That was a little shout out to my canadian hockey fans, hosers that they may be)

Lessons learned while holding a sign on the road ...

  • Some people are jerk offs, such as the guy who honked at me and gave me the "L" sign on his forehead without even reading the sign. What's with going out of one's way to be insulting? Or is the pansy waist syndrome where people act out when they know they won't get their ass kicked for acting out. The world would be a much better place if everyone acted as if they would get their ass kicked for being a dickhole.
  • People do strange things in their car, one dude was brushing his teeth (though he did try to hide it when I was walking by, but my undercover brother skills totally caught him) and the dude who was talking on the phone. But we liked that guy, since he offered to throw his phone at GB.
  • People will give just about anyone money. Case in point, I am now $6.55 closer to heading to NY city BABY!!!

I've decided to keep all my earned money on the board, showing people that they are not alone in their desire share in the dream. A dream that shall one day be a reality (queue theme music here.)

So ends the 1st official post of red7cow.  I know, it doesn't matter what we say for the 1st few weeks, but in keeping with the low thresh hold of quality, commitment and integrity that is red7cow, this posting is rather appropriate.